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The Reveal Live! FilmFest is a series of virtual, online events that provide a showcase for the work of talented, emerging filmmakers of all ages; and an entertaining and inspiring experience for filmlovers.

The RLff features full length features, short films, music videos and student films in a variety of categories for creators from 9 to 90. Films that make us laugh and cry; make us happy and make us think; films that disrupt our expectations; and disrupt our beliefs; passion projects that appeal to the socially conscious and celebrate the diversity of the world today.

As a filmmaker, you have a place to share your voice and your vision. As a global citizen, you can enjoy creative content you can’t see anywhere else, from the comfort of your home.

 The first event takes place now!  Submissions are now open with finalists viewings available this October.

 And as the Reveal brand has done in the past, we will open your eyes to something new, something different, something surprising. Watch us, as we reveal something special!

Dates & Deadlines

  • Opening Date                                     August 17, 2020

  • Early Bird Deadline                          August  30, 2020

  • Regular Deadline                             October 18, 2020

  • Late Deadline                                    November 8, 2020

  • Notification Date                              November 10, 2020

  • Event Date                                          November 13-15, 2020

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